Honors Programming

Each middle school receives support from a full-time Academic Facilitator who works with students and teachers to develop rigorous, accelerated, complex curriculum and appropriate instructional practices.  High performing middle school students are evaluated annually for instructional placement in Honors language arts and math courses. Students identified as academically and intellectually gifted are grouped in classes or clusters for instruction in those courses.

Honors classes provide the following to students:

  • Use of College of William & Mary Center for Gifted Education Literature units. For more information about the units, please visit the CFGE website: http://education.wm.edu/centers/cfge/curriculum/languagearts/index.php
  • More rigorous coursework than standard classes
  • Enrichment opportunities for students through concept-based instruction, problem-based learning and project-based learning
  • Accelerated pacing through the material, as required by the students